Activity 5. Write a story beginning …….like a choose your own adventure

Ok guys, I am going to start this week’s challenge rolling with activity 5 – I will write a story beginning… and you can all take turns at adding the next part of the story. I wonder what will happen next?

Mrs S 🙂


It was an ordinary day like any other. I had just settled down on my favourite old chair on the front verandah of my house to read the next exciting chapter of my new book. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I could see something shining. I shifted forward in my chair to see if I could get a glimpse of what it was when suddenly…….

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  1. the bushes in front of me began to rustle and I could just make out, in the dark shade of the trees a huge dog with it’s silver collar catching the sunlight.

  2. My heart was pounding and I could feel my lungs tightning making it harder for me to breathe.

  3. I slowly walked over to get a closer look at the dog while trying to catch my breath. Then suddenly I heard a angry bark comming from the bushes behind me. I swiftly turned around soon realising that there were 8 other dogs behind me.

  4. I panicked and ran not knowing what they would do, they started barking as loud as a herd of elephants and that only made me run faster, soon I realised they were after me I tried to think over the loud barking then it hit me I was kicking the next door neighbour’s dog out of the house this morning, but, that cannot possibly be the reason why they want me? And what do they want me for?

  5. Then I quickly remembered that a few days back on the news there was a young girl that looks a bit like me threw logs at a stray dog and killed it. Just because it was walking towards her only wanting a piece of her salami sandwich. So maybe all the dogs herd about the story and they think it was me? There’s a police station coming up that will be best and hopefully the dogs won’t get in with the door closed.

  6. As I run to the station,I spot a wanted poster,it showed a photo of … me?I thought,if I go into the police station,the police would probably mistake me for the young girl in the news.But on the other hand,if I don’t go I would have to face the determination of the dogs to rip me apart ferociously
    for what I didn’t do to their friend.As the veil of black slowly consumed th remnants of daylight,I ran for what I was worth.I had to keep movng, a dogs sense of smell is superb, so there was no point in staying still and hoping they wouln;t find me.

  7. I saw a robber robbing a house he was armed so I called the cops but lanline was cut so i had to go to the house and then I saw to robbers coming to my house and went to the shop because my friend had a mobile so I told him, my phonre is broken and said, robbers. but they were after me and their outside so we called police and then 7mins later they went to prison. I said in a happy way thanks mate.

  8. As I got to the police station, the police stopped me and told me not to go in, for fear that I would throw a log at them even though I wasn’t the girl who killed th stray dog. I told the police that they had to let me in and that I wasn’t the girl who had killed the dog but the police did not believe me. I had to find a way to get them to believe me but how was I going to do that?

  9. I hesitated to move but seeing the policemen starting to frown at me made me walked away. Still being cautious I started to think of doing a disguise but how do I do that? Without hesitating I started looking around to find something to make a disguise. But then I froze, I listened to the faded dog barks in the silent wind, although the barks sounded strange, the barks were no longer angry anymore….they sounded like, they were crying for help?

  10. I walked slowly wasn’t sure if i was doing than the right thing but went with my instincts. As I kept walking the cries became louder and louder until I reached the source of the noise.
    The source of the noise was five dogs howling. I saw what looked like another dead dog I ran towards it but quickly ran the opposite way as the dogs chased me again.
    I thought to myself that it must have been the other girls doing, who is she and is she trying to frame me?

  11. As I ran I saw a tall tree and I quickly climbed up the tree as fast as lightning. All the dogs was barking ferociously. After a while, the dogs were too tired, gave up on me and ran away. When I climbed down from the tree I spotted the girl’s shadow, and I started to walk towards her and I saw the girl throwing logs at puppies. I was angry and I planned to report her to the police.

  12. But before I could do anything she said no please do not report me. I am only killing the dogs because the evil and ugly doctor Maltarve is making robot dogs to chase me and make me kill them and go to jail. So I can’t stop him from his evil plan of ruling the world. And if I don’t then the dogs will attack people and take them to him so he can make them do as he pleases.
    And then I ask her “why has he chosen u”
    “Because when I was about 5 my parents allowed me to walk around an invention festival by myself. And I came to an odd invention that said on the front “do not touch”. And as any curious 5 year old child would do I touched it and then in an instant I was in a space ship with him sitting in an evil red chair. He got up and yelled at me as if I Stoll all the diamonds in the world. And he said “you have come in to the evil lair of Maltarve and I suppose you want to secretly find all my evil pans of controlling the world and arrest me for steeling the queen’s dogs and rare gems.” So I shocked my head with fear and replied on sir and then he went on “well seems as u have no idea about what I have just said then I will send you home. But always remember that I will be back to get you and the world with robot dogs” so since he sent me home that day I have been waiting for the robot dogs”

  13. “Put your hands up!” said the police.
    They told me that I was going to be in big trouble if I didnt hand in the necklace. But I couldnt cause I promised my parents that I would return it to them. I was so close to my house and it was really important to them. I wasnt going to give up now. Just how was I going to it?

  14. bob said inside of himself, ”I’m just gonna have to do a runner”.
    so when the police officers were talking bob ran he ran so fast that he legged it stupidly past the officers and made them follow bob on a pursuit.
    (police radio) ”we are on pursuit he is going north black african american male on foot I repeat we are on pursuit”.
    bob keeps and running gets hit by a plane taking off and surely he die.

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