Challenge 4: After hours

Hi everyone,

I hope your holidays are going well and that you are all having a lot of fun.

The next round of student challenges is here and I have chosen the last activities for you to look at this week.

So read the questions and choose which one you would like to do and away you go…… don’t forget to create a link back to the challenge 4 page. 


Have fun,

Mrs S 🙂


Activity 3. After school activities

Students around the world do a variety of different activities after school. Some might relate to school work such as band, cheerleading, sports teams. But what are some of the things you most enjoy doing once you are let out of school for the day. Write about this in a post but remember to be internet safe and not mention what time and place you do these activities. Class blogs might like to include a poll or survey about your students’ after school activities.

Activity 4. If I could learn anything ……

If there were one thing in life you could learn to do, what would it be? How are you going about achieving this dream?

Activity 5. Write a story beginning …….like a choose your own adventure

As other students visit your blog, they can add to the story in the comments.

Activity 6. Visit other blogs in the challenge

How does the life of students in different countries differ from your life? Leave some questions on their blogs and make sure you have their blog on your links in your sidebar, so you can go back to visit and find out the answers to your questions.

Activity 7. Find other blogs relating to topics you want to learn about

Interested in NASCAR, scrapbooking, cheerleading, bungee jumping? Find two or three blogs about the topic and write a post about what you found out. Remember to link back to those blogs in your post. If using Google to search, make sure you click on blogs down the left hand side.


6 thoughts on “Challenge 4: After hours

  1. If I could learn about something particular it would be how to be a vet.
    I plan to become a vet by getting a part time job as a vet assistant in a nearby vet clinic when I’m in year nine. And go to university studding animals
    I have always loved animals. I do think that there interesting to learn about and fun to play with. In the future I hope to own my own vet clinic and travel overseas to help animals.
    I am very aware about the 6 years of studding and high marks in school. the reason why a vet is so hard is because the animals and how you have to try and work out what is wrong with the animal knowing that animals can’t talk and tell you what’s wrong with them.
    If i cant work in a vet clinic then i would love to work in a zoo or a pet store.

  2. If i had to learn somthing I would want to have a job in the army and learn to fire a gun. I also like to learn to heal people I would like to be a machine gunner and ground aussult. I want to be a soldier because I like playing gun games and want to learn to fire one in real life.

  3. If I could choose a subject to learn about it would be how to own my own dancing business. In my mind, I plan to first get a part time job as a dancing teacher at my local dance school, by the age of eighteen. I would go to university to study how to have a good business. Dancing has always been a big passion to me. It is fun and is good excersice. I know that taking on this job may take a while, but I never will stop trying. If I change of interest I would probably be a preschool or kindergarten teacher because I like working with little children.

  4. If I could choose a subject to learn about it would have to be PE. I would choose PE because I really love and enjoy sport. I enjoy sport because you are keeping fit and having fun at the same time, which is great for your health and ironically that was todays health lesson

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