Every one who did NAPLAN this week how was it?

Q1. Did you find it easy?

Q2. Which one did you ‘like’ the most?

Q4. Which one did you not like at all?

Q5. Did you miss/skip/did not have time for/didn’t know any of the questions?

From Clare P


This years was year 6’s now Year 7’s

I would like to ask how the year 6’s, or now year 7’s some question about high school

1. What high school is it?

2. Have you joined any after school sports/activities with school, if yes what is it and what is it like?

3. Have you got any assignments or homework  or weekend homework (are they dew soon)?

4. What are your teachers like?

5. Have you got a laptop yet, if yes what is it like?

6. Have you missed a bus yet?

7. Have you been late for a class if yes did you get in trouble?

8. Have you got any favourite  or UN-favourite subjects yet, if yes why d you or don’t you like them?

9.  Are/is there any thing amazing or fun happened or happening at your school?

10. Is it ,Amazing: The best time ever,Great: It’s really fun but you have got a little bit of homework,Good: It’s fun but you have a fair bit of homework ,Alright:It’s enjoyable but you have got a lot of home work and a couple of assignments, Bad: you have made friends but there is to much homework ,Tough:you can survive it, Terrible: you have almost no friends and would prefer to stay home?

Also good luck with the rest of high school  from Clare Perry 😉

High School

We have finally arrived the legendary high school the one we have all been waiting for.I can tell you now it is nothing special I have to say i miss all of my Primary School friends and i get a call from one of them everyday telling me how much they miss me. I wish i had another day with my primary school teachers and friends.

The rest of the world

How about we now ask about the rest of the world?

To the rest of the world

If your on holidays then what are you doing for the holidays and how is it going?

What did you do for Christmas and new years eve/day or do you only celebrate one of them or none?

What are things like around your area are they busy or are they relaxed?

What is the most interesting thing about your suburb,city,state or country?

Did/do you or your class have an edublog if you/they have an edublog then what is it like and if possible in your comment placer the website to you/your classes edublog?

Please take your time to answer these questions and please state what country so then we know where our comments are coming from. 🙂

New years day

Its 2012 yay. We can now say that we were in year 6 “last” year and “this” year we’r going into year 7.It is also the holidays so maybe some of the year “6’s” can comment on what they’re doing during the holidays and how it’s going.

No more Primary left

Just yeserday was the last day of the week, the last day of the term, the last day of he school year, and for the yar 6’s the last day of primary school. 🙁

We started off the day with going to the park for our end of year school picnic to play some games. Year 6 played T-ball first untill it sarted to rain so we went overto the big trees to also have frouit break.Then we moved on to the play equiptment. After that we played newkenball then it started to rain so onece again we went under the big trees and while we wer there we had our recess.We then moved onto playing netball. Unforchenly  it was time to end the day by going back to school to have a nice lunch, some of us ordered a sausage sizzle and slushy from the canteen.After having lunch we actualy went back to the park but had to leave our bags at school.Yay It was year 6’s tern to verse the teachers at a game of T-ball. at the end of the game

Big Week Ahead

Rest up Year 6… next week will see you complete your digital yearbook, attend your Graduation Mass and perform your own special assembly.

I am so proud of all of the creative thinking you have put into your animoto and group reflections.

We will have to share some snippets of your wonderful world with our fellow bloggers!

Mrs S 🙂

Domremy Orientation Day!!

At 8:30am,  7 HIC girls turned up at Domremy for their Orientation Day. First we had to get our name tags and the teachers and students had us sorted in to groups. There were the Red Teddy Bears, Green Teddy Bears, Red Butterflies, Green Butterflies, Red Roses, Green Roses, Red Angels and Green Angels.

After that, one of the teachers took us over to the senior block and we were tested for four hours. In between these four hours we had recess. The tests included: Problem Solving and Reasoning, Reading, Mathematics, Spelling and a writing test.

After lunch we got into our groups and we set off on a tour of the school. In some parts it looked old and in some parts it looked very new. After that we went back to the hall and our year 7 co-ordinator let us out, she stayed with some people who were catching the bus like me. There Motto is ‘ La Verite’ which in english means ‘Let the Light Shine True’.

By Clare G